Our Publications

Due to the nature of our business, we actively participate in the world of science. Below we present a selection of our most interesting works:

Frequency scanned phase sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry interrogation in multimode optical fibers

K. Markiewicz, J. Kaczorowski, Z. Yang, Ł. Szostkiewicz, A. Dominguez-Lopez, K. Wilczyński,  M.Napierała, T. Nasiłowski, L. Thévenaz
APL Photonics 5, str. 031302-1 - 031302-5, 2020, IF=4,383
March 2020

Modular coherent photonic-aided payload receiver for communications satellite

V. C. Duarte, J. G. Prata, C. F. Ribeiro, R. N. Nogueira, G. Winzer, L. Zimmermann, R. Walker, S. Clements, M. Filipowicz, M. Napierała, T. Nasiłowski, J. Crabb, M. Kechagias, L. Stampoulidis, J. Anzalchi, M. V. Drummond
Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 1984 (2019), IF=11,878
April 2019

High-resolution distributed shape sensing using phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry and multicore fibers

Ł. Szostkiewicz, M. A. Soto, Z. Yang, A. Dominguez-Lopez, I. Parola, K. Markiewicz, A. Pytel, A. Kołakowska, M. Napierała, T. Nasiłowski, L. Thevenaz
Optics express, Vol. 27, Issue 15, str. 20763-20773, 2019, IF=3,561
July 2019

Dual-core all-fiber integrated immunosensor for detection of protein antigens

K. Wysokiński, D. Budnicki, J. Fidelus, Ł. Szostkiewicz, Ł. Ostrowski, M. Murawski, M. Staniszewski, M. Staniszewska, M. Napierała, T. Nasiłowski
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol. 114, str. 22-29, 2018, IF=9,518
May 2018

Analysis of phase sensitivity to longitudinal strain in microstructured optical fibers

T. Tenderenda, Ł. Szostkiewicz, T. Stańczyk, B. Bieńkowska, D. Kunicki, M. Murawski, P. Mergo, R. Piramidowicz, T. Nasiłowski
Optics Express 25(11):12216
May 2017

Three fold symmetric microstructured fibers for customized sub-nanosecond supercontinuum generation

Z. Hołdyński, M. Napierała, M. Jóźwik, Ł. Szostkiewicz, P. Mergo, T. Nasiłowski
Optics Communications 393:45-48
Juna 2017

Cross talk analysis in multicore optical fibers by supermode theory

Ł. Szostkiewicz, M. Napierała, A. Mąkowska, A. Pytel, T. Tenderenda, T. Nasiłowski
Optics Letters 41(16):3759
August 2016

Study on the sensing coating of the optical fibre CO2 sensor

K. Wysokiński, M. Napierała, T. Stańczyk, S. Lipiński, T. Nasiłowski
Sensors, Vol. 15, Issue 12, 2015, IF=2,677
December 2015

Group Polarimetric Pressure Sensitivity of an Elliptical Core Side-Hole Fiber at Telecommunication Wavelengths

J. Sadeghi, H. Latifi, M. Murawski, F. Mirkhosravi, T. Nasiłowski, P. Mergo, K. Poturaj
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 22(2)
June 2015

Experimental Investigation of Supercontinuum Generation in Photonic Crystal Fibers Pumped With Sub-ns Pulses

Z. Holdynski, M. Napierala, P. Mergo, T. Nasilowski
Journal of  Lightwave Technology, Vol. 33, str. 2106–2110, No. 10, 2015, IF=4,162
May 2015

Hole-assisted multicore optical fiber for next generation telecom transmission systems

A. Mąkowska, M. Szymański, Ł. Szostkiewicz, T. Tenderenda, M. Napierała, M. Murawski, Z. Hołdyński, Ł. Ostrowski, P. Mergo, K. Poturaj, M. Makara, M. Słowikowski, K. Pawlik, T. Stańczyk, K. Stępień, K. Wysokiński, M. Broczkowska, T. Nasiłowski
Applied Physics Letters 105(8):081106-081106-4
August 2014

Fiber Bragg gratings in hole-assisted multicore fiber for space division multiplexing

K. Stępień, M. Słowikowski, T. Tenderenda, M. Murawski, M. Szymański, Ł. Szostkiewicz, M. Becker, M. Rothhardt, H. Bartelt, P. Mergo, L. Jaroszewicz, T. Nasiłowski
Optics Letters 39(12):3571-3574
June 2014

Analysis of the air holes' geometry influence on longitudinal strain sensitivity of microstructured fiber Bragg gratings

T. Tenderenda, K. Stępień, Ł. Szostkiewicz, M. Murawski, M. Szymański, M. Becker, M. Rothhardt, H. Bartelt, P. Mergo, K. Poturaj, K. Skorupski, P. Marc, L. Jaroszewicz, T. Nasiłowski
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 9157
June 2014